Twelve didactical materials, designed to help teachers and their students explore LGBT. Click to find out more and access the lesson plans and teaching aids.

Homo''poly game

Are you ready to spin the wheel and work with your classmates to complete all 8 steps?  

Opening the door

Students will watch videos of people talking about coming out and listen to their stories to help them understand. Q&A will be guided by the teacher to help students understand how and why some people might react differently.

Colourful families

Resource cards and a matching definition sheet. The resource cards are used twice to show more openness around different relationships. The matching resource is there as an aid to help students understanding of appropriate terminology. 

Classroom debate

Reflect and learn about homosexuality through a proper classroom debate.  Develop communication skills, analytical thinking and respect as you explore questions around LGBT.  

Game of life

Pupils think through specific situations and/or problems in the life of an LGBT person.  What might be harder for them than for others?  How do they experience every day life?  

Memory game

This good old memory game helps pupils learn about various terms and expressions regarding homosexuality and gender.

Lifeboat challenge

If you're looking for a challenge, this is it.  In a revised version of the classic lifeboat challenge, pupils are asked to reflect on their own thoughts and instincts.  Difficult choices ahead!  

Kitchen table diaries

How do the families of your pupils think about homosexuality?  What do they know, what do they like, what values do they pass on?  Kitchen table diaries helps pupils explore these questions with their family, at the kitchen table.  

Spitchicken comic

One for the creatives!  Words are not for everyone - some of us prefer to express ourselves in other ways.  And pictures really can say more than a thousand words.  

Who am I

The guessing game, revisited.  Do you know what LGBT stands for?  Who's who - and what do you think you know about them? 

Crossing bridges

Tug of war, in action.  Pupils work together to explore their views as individuals and as a group, and then make word clouds to visualise how they might become more accepting of one another.

Speed meeting

Speed dating - but in a classroom setting.  By playing out hypothetical situations, pupils are encouraged to "empathise" with people who are discriminated against because of their sexual orientation.


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