Homo’poly sets out to encourage a better understanding and broader acceptance of homosexuality, targeting secondary and tertiary education. Homo’poly’s learning space will host the resources that will be created in the course of this three-year project, including:

  • A descriptive, country-specific and comparative study about the current situation regarding homosexuality in 2017 in all participating countries (Belgium, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Spain and Turkey);
  • Two curricular e-learning toolkits (‘Gender & Homosexuality' and 'Migration & Homosexuality') for use in higher education institutes.  A summary of these modules is now available in all Homo'poly languages here;
  • Didactic material for use in secondary schools.

In addition, this space will make available existing resources and didactic materials, including the curricular modules on gender previously prepared for the ‘Education and Gender’ (EDGE) project.

Updates coming soon!


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